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Space Medafighter X: It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties! Sept 19, 2020 6:00:49 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Sept 20, 2020 6:21:50 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: R.I.P. Longcat. Sept 20, 2020 6:22:06 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: A legend from the earlier days of the internet has left us. Sept 20, 2020 6:22:38 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Man... I'm actually really sad about this. I loved seeing all of the Longcat memes on the internet when I was a young lad. Sept 20, 2020 7:06:42 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: For those not in the know, Longcat as a meme actually predates Rickrolling. It's one of the memes born from the times when the internet was starting to hit it's stride. Sept 20, 2020 7:08:46 GMT -8
Ruthlesssceptile6: I just got promoted from a New Advancer to a Junior Advancer!!!! Sept 22, 2020 6:41:59 GMT -8
KingOfPetitions: If I were able to put together a dungeons and dragons thread in forum games, would any of you want to participate? If yes then I’ll start creating it. If not then I won’t bother. (It would work similarly to the real game but with some optimizations. Sept 22, 2020 17:52:29 GMT -8
Ruthlesssceptile6: Defenitly bro Sept 22, 2020 18:59:10 GMT -8
MagmarFire: Wait, someone mentioned Among Us? 👀 Sept 23, 2020 20:50:27 GMT -8
Thanos: Jesus Christ, , you're on a rampage. Sept 23, 2020 23:53:43 GMT -8
Ruthlesssceptile6: *Smirks*...... Sept 24, 2020 7:46:27 GMT -8
KingOfPetitions: , yes I did. I mentioned it because if a lot of people wanted to, we could maybe try to do a few rounds with several of the advancers against one another. It seems like it’d be fun Sept 24, 2020 12:42:59 GMT -8
MagmarFire: I would not be opposed to such a session of Among Us myself. Ping me if it becomes reality! Sept 26, 2020 22:19:17 GMT -8
Aquadrop: Omg I love Among Us! My schedule is all over the place usually but we could try! Sept 27, 2020 2:42:12 GMT -8
KingOfPetitions: Yeah we could, although we might all be in different time zones (I’m EST) also, one among us YTer I watch is chilled chaos and I saw his username in one of the threads. Does anybody know if it’s the same person? Sept 27, 2020 7:02:24 GMT -8
KingOfPetitions: If so then it would be pretty cool if a 1mil+ subscribed channel had an interest in Advanceshipping and the advancers forums. Sept 27, 2020 7:03:35 GMT -8
Advanceshipper: oh wow, which thread? Sept 27, 2020 12:21:34 GMT -8
KingOfPetitions: The specific thread was the dating advice thread in expression board Sept 27, 2020 13:44:33 GMT -8
Dr. Phil E. Sophical: : To our knowledge, no it was not the same person Sept 27, 2020 17:05:11 GMT -8