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Marksman: Also, I just want a Moon Knight movie. Is that too much to ask? I want my super powered Marvel Batman to shine. Jan 26, 2020 18:25:38 GMT -8
Space Medafighter X: Kobe was my generation's megastar. It's a real tragedy. Jan 26, 2020 22:12:32 GMT -8
Calyrex: I'm not really into basketball, but even I knew who Kobe Bryant was thanks to my dad and brother. My dad in particular was shocked. Truly, Kobe was among the basketball greats. Jan 27, 2020 0:08:34 GMT -8
PichuAuraGuardian18: Moon Knight is getting his own show, and after that, he'll be appearing in the movies as well. But I mean, I still want a Hawkeye movie... Jan 30, 2020 16:31:36 GMT -8
PichuAuraGuardian18: And to see the MCU version of Kitty Pryde... Jan 30, 2020 16:31:55 GMT -8
Marksman: MCU version of Kitty Pryde? Hmm... interesting. Jan 31, 2020 21:24:26 GMT -8
Marksman: Not big on Hawkeye, though. Sorry to say :P Jan 31, 2020 21:24:38 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: so bad news. The fires have started to get worse. Jan 31, 2020 22:45:19 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: There's not enough space for me to go into all of the details but the road to Canberra was shut today due to the fires. Jan 31, 2020 22:45:48 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Seeing that it was the last major road out of Cooma that was still open that means I am now stuck in Cooma. Jan 31, 2020 22:46:14 GMT -8
Marksman: There's no emergency road that you can take? Dang... Feb 1, 2020 4:08:20 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: If there are they can only accessed by members of the Kosciuszko National Park or Fire Fighters. Feb 1, 2020 4:40:05 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Feb 1, 2020 22:38:51 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Sharing that mostly for personal reasons. Feb 1, 2020 22:39:14 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Those personal reasons being that I happen to know quite a few of the farmers that were interviewed for the article. Feb 1, 2020 22:39:45 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: Good news! We had a shit ton of rain today and yesterday. Feb 9, 2020 2:44:47 GMT -8
Speedy_Fox_IV: So much in fact that it put out one of the mega fires that was still tormenting us. Feb 9, 2020 2:45:12 GMT -8 *
Speedy_Fox_IV: We were expecting this kind of rain at the arse end of March do for it to hit us today and yesterday is nothing short of a miracle. Feb 9, 2020 2:45:48 GMT -8
Calyrex: Good to hear! Feb 9, 2020 17:22:22 GMT -8
Calyrex: The new Sonic movie has gotta be one of the greatest comeback stories of all time. Feb 16, 2020 16:05:33 GMT -8